Ensure Your Data Is Secure With An Encrypted SafeStick

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is calling for greater powers to conduct data protection audits and investigations within local government and the health sector.

This is in light of a spate of data protection incidents involving public sector organisations in 2011. The ICO is very clear upon the storage and handling of data: all personal information must be encrypted. However the loss and theft of unencrypted data has been at the centre of many of these incidents.

So, to ensure you and your organisation aren’t making the headlines for the wrong reasons we bring you the SafeStick: a secure USB stick with AES 256 bit hardware encryption.


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The SafeStick is the NHS’s USB of choice, with over 1 million currently in use. The Safestick is tough, has its own anti-virus and malware software and ensures your data stays secure.

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