Ensure Your Business Continuity Plan Is Fit For Purpose With Our Special Offer Toolkit

Business continuity planning can be a difficult task. Assessing all the risks and threats to your organisation and then developing a coherent plan that will ensure you can continue trading and recover quickly from the worst-case scenario is often daunting.

You need a robust business continuity plan that will ensure you:

  • Have mitigated against risk
  • Put in place controls to reduce risks to an acceptable level
  • Accept risks which the company can absorb (your risk appetite)

This is where the BS25999 BCMS Implementation toolkit comes in. This toolkit helps organisations create a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that is aligned with BS25999 – the best practise standard for a BCMS. It provides all the guidance, tools and documents you need to execute your own project.

BS25999 BCMS Toolkit BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit Special Offer

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  Until 21 November this toolkit comes with 2 free guides!  

This toolkit will ensure you create an effective business management system aligned with BS25999. This toolkit:

  • Provides you with the knowledge to understand what level of business continuity is appropriate for your organisation
  • Provides all the requisite documents (a BCM policy, a risk assessment, business impact analysis and many more) you need for a BS25999 BCMS
  • Comes with 12 months support and drafting service – assisting you when you have any problems with the documentation
  • Until 21 November comes with 2 free guides ‘Coping With Unplanned Absences’ and ‘The Route to Business Continuity

This toolkit will save you days of work by avoiding costly dead ends and trial and error processes. With this toolkit, you can ensure you have an effective business continuity plan suitable for your organisation.

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