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This week’s consultant’s choice of the eBook of the weekend is this fantastic title which constitutes a practical guide to 50 tactics any organisation can employ during tough economic conditions to maintain success.

During tough times, managers need to make some critical decisions. Making the right judgement is therefore imperative. Tough Tactics in Tough Times will help you make the right decisions for your organisation and act NOW. It contains a check-list to help you determine the appropriate action that needs to be taken, you will be able to formulate a crash programme of well selected measures that should assist your situation and help you to maintain organisational success.

This eBook, whose full title reads ‘Tough Tactics for Tough Times. How to Maintain Business Success in Difficult Economic Conditions’, aims at drawing your attention to the following tactics:

  • Reducing costs
  • Maintain an awareness of your products/services
  • Increasing staff effectiveness
  • Maintaining a marketing initiative
  • Maximising business from good customer and spotting opportunities for new business
  • Focus promotional activity where it will do the most good

And many more!

‘One of the “Featured books” in Professional Manager.’

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)


Tough Tactics for Tough Times

Tough Tactics for Tough Times

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Key features:

  • A guide to coping during any recession or downward market pressures that might affect your industry. The methods in this book don’t just cover cutting costs, they also cover ways of doing things differently – turning a negative into a positive, helping your organisation to grow.
  • All the methods in the book are practical, they have been used before by many businesses worldwide to cope during tough times. Thus making it easier for you to employ them in your organisation.
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Don’t let the tough economic times affect your business – follow the methods in this book to increase your business performance!