Empower your security team with this innovative new book from ITGP

Information Security A Practical Guide - Bridging the gap between IT and managementITGP’s latest publication, Information Security: A Practical Guide, is one of the best books to address the threats facing your organisation, and comes highly recommended by customers and reviewers alike:

“This book is well worth an hour of your time, whether as a refresher, or if you are finding yourself facing more work on the info-security side.”
Mark Rowe, Editor at Professional Security Magazine

Authored by security risk advisor for the UK Government, Tom Mooney, this book covers everything information security professionals need to know to develop and implement enterprise-wide information security processes. It also provides advice that will be especially useful when explaining cyber security processes to management and gaining crucial buy-in.

This book is essential reading for any information security professional who needs help engaging the wider business.

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