Employee attitudes and behaviour online require immediate attention


It is clear that organisations and employees need to be better educated about personal data security to protect themselves from internal and external threats.

Employee attitudes and behaviour are a critical organisational risk.  Even the most junior employees today have an extraordinary amount of power that, if exploited, could pose disastrous consequences for the business.

It is a fact that the majority of employees are still ignorant of the important role they play in the protection of company information.

It is concerning that 65% of professionals who participated in a global survey₁ feel that IT is responsible for protecting personal data on work devices.

What is more worrying is that more than three quarters of the respondents (78%) use their personal devices for work-related activities.

Despite the obvious insecurities of using public wireless networks, 35% of respondents logged onto public Wi-Fi using their company laptops.

Of even greater concern is that some employees are so disenfranchised with their employers that they would readily do damage to the organisation if they were paid.  A survey at large organisations₂ indicated that one in seven respondents would sell their passwords – some saying they would do it for as little as $150 (about £97).

Password reuse poses a significant risk to an organisation, yet 56% of respondents reuse passwords on corporate and personal applications.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Get your employees educated, vigilant and aware right now.

IT Governance’s Information Security Staff Awareness E-learning Course will help your employees gain a better understanding of information security risks and compliance requirements in line with ISO 27001, thereby reducing your organisation’s exposure to security threats.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. For as little as £300, you can apply for Cyber Essentials certification through IT Governance.

₁Survey conducted by Intel Security and MSI Research globally with 2,500 professionals.

₂Survey conducted by SailPoint globally with 1,000 employees.