Dynamic cyber security industry open to half a million jobs

Government figures show that there will be a need for more than half a million new IT professionals over the next five years, opening up more jobs in the cyber security industry.

Reported in The Times on Friday 9th March 2012, Baronness Neville-Jones spoke out about the want and need for more cyber security professionals in the UK.

With online shopping counting for 6% of GDP, and a country full of organisations that rely on advanced research and innovation, our UK IT systems are both valuable and vulnerable to us. The loss in transactions and valuable intellectual property due to cyber theft and espionage amount to tens of billions of pounds every year.

“About 80 per cent of current incidents can be stopped simply by good “cyber hygiene” by all of us”

Pauline Neville-Jones, The Times

We can all do ‘our bit’, but there needs to be professionals at senior levels to combat the ‘higher end’ of attacks, ensuring that company’s IT systems are set up to sufficiently detect and deal with cyber criminals. Neville-Jones believes that there needs to be a change in image of:

  1.  IT jobs – These are often seen as ‘techie’ and dull
  2. Cyber security – From being an occupation carried out in anonymous backrooms, to thatof which is valued, bright and challenging.

Cyber security is one of the country’s most dynamic sectors, and is one that is growing the most rapidly. Yet Baronness Neville-Jones still concludes that “we need many more” cyber security professionals

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