Dutch cyber attack causes communication to take a step back in time

Parts of the Netherlands have been forced to turn to using fax and paper after a hacking scandal affected DigiD.

An estimated 9 million Dutch citizens (47% of the population) are said to have used DigiD which has now had to come to a standstill as using fax and paper is resumed. DigiD is a website that allows citizens to access a large number of services, including filing taxes, signing up for university and donating organs.

In July, the provider of DigiD (DigiNotar) suffered a breach where hundreds of certificate codes were stolen.

As a result, Dutch lawyers can’t access the Dutch Bar Association’s Intranet, and so have been advised to use fax machines until the problem is resolved. Worried Dutch citizens about the security of their communication with the government have been advised to turn back to pen and paper. This is said to be an “administrative nightmare”.

The Wall Street Journal  claim; “In what is shaping up as one of the most damaging hacking cases for a single country, courts have advised lawyers to switch to fax and old-fashioned paper mail instead of email.”

So, from using email and the web to communicate, Dutch citizens are advised to take a step back in time and use good old pen and paper. Only time will tell just how much of an “administrative nightmare” this will cause.

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