Dump spreadheets that don’t work: try BugBox® – PRINCE2® software for project teams

You know what your project will involve and how to tackle it. You know what budget you will need and who will be responsible for what job… Or maybe you do not? Maybe you feel like crying for help as you’ve tried everything you thought it would help you with a successful project completion.

How about trying something new, something exciting that will help you and your team solve two persistent project management problems: controlling ownership and fixing issues?

BugBox can help!

Our PRINCE2 software for project teams and managers, BugBox, is simple, robust and effective. It helps you track issues and manage tasks through a simple workflow.

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BugBox - PRINCE2 software for project teams BugBox – PRINCE2 software for project teams
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BugBox was created by two PRINCE2 practitioners, Nick Lovass and Stephen Ashurst. Nick and Stephen are practicing project managers, which means, they are acutely aware of what project managers need from project management software.

Take the free 15-day BugBox trial now >>