DPA 1-Day Foundation Course 15 July In London

This week Merseyside Police had to face up to the embarrassing fact that over 100 of their officers had breached the Data Protection Act in the last 3 years. Of the 208 instances where DPA regulations had been breached, 130 of them were of officers checking on the progress of Steven Gerard’s 2009 court case. They’re nothing if partisan.

The breaches included officers using computer systems to access classified data about individuals not involved in criminal cases, spying on individuals and colleagues and researching for non-policing purposes. All the officers in question have undergone disciplinary hearings, and 7 have either resigned or been asked to leave.

Any organisation who stores individual’s data must comply with the data protection act, regardless whether you are a retailer, service provider, bank, or indeed the police force. There has been a proliferation of data loss, data breaches and cyber crime in 2011. This is an issue which won’t go away and organisations need to ensure they are compliant with the DPA.

  • Does your organisation comply with the DPA?
  • Do you want to avoid fines, brand damage and loss of business from potential data breaches?

If the answer to these questions if yes, and it really should be, then IT Governance’s fantastic 1-day DPA Foundation Course is the place to start.



DPA 1-Day Foundation Course 15 July In London – The Course Covers:

DPA 1-Day Foundation Course
  • What the Data Protection Act (DPA) is
  • The 8 principles of the DPA
  • Powers of the information Commissioner
  • An individual’s 6 data protection rights
  • The new DPA enforcement regime
  • Options available for ensuring compliance

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The course is designed for anyone who is responsible for personal data within an organisation. The course will give you the insight into what the Data Protection Act means to your organisation, how to review your own level of compliance and what you need to do to ensure your organisation is compliant.

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Staff Awareness

At IT Governance we understand that the role of the individual is of paramount importance when it comes to data protection. After all, it is individuals who are the end users which come into contact with sensitive data on a day-today basis.

Our e-Learning DPA Staff Awareness course is a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training to multiple learners. ITG’s e-learning is designed to make it easy for us to adapt our generic course to your organisation’s individual needs. We can insert your policies and procedures, contact information, and specific instructions for your staff, as well as your own logos and colour scheme.

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