“Don’t tell him Pike!”

Anyone who is anyone will know of the great British sitcom ‘Dad’s Army’ which focused on a rather hopeless platoon of the Home Guard during World War II. One of the most famous quotes of this 1960’s sitcom was by Captain Mainwaring when addressing a German U-Boat Captain who was asking for all their names. The U-Boat Captain asks Private Pike for his name of which Captain Mainwaring heroically pipes up “Don’t tell him Pike!” Of which he immediately realises what he has just done. A real classic hand slap on the forehead moment!

 I think you tend to get that exact same feeling when you accidentally press the ‘send’ button in outlook and immediately realise that it’s just gone to the wrong person! That heart sinking feeling that no matter what you try to do, from that point on you will never be able to retrieve it. This highlights how so many accidents are just waiting to happen with highly sensitive data within your organisation. That’s why we have Boldon James Classifier which sets the very foundations of your data classification policy, enhancing your Symantec of McAfee product, giving you the power to ensure that your highly sensitive information isn’t passed on to the wrong person by accident.

While most businesses are worried about threats from external hackers, the biggest threat to them is actually from within – their own staff. It’s far too simple to use the auto feature in outlook which causes these errors.

Educate and give your staff the tools they need to realise the importance of their data and prevent them from a catastrophic hand slap of the forehead moment using Boldon James Classifier.