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A recent report conducted by Gartner found that 18% of respondents admitted to not being PCI compliant, even though they knew they should be.

PCI compliance is an issue that affects all businesses that process card transactions. Often it is an issue that you don’t want to deal with, but know you really should. You know you should ensure the protection and correct management of sensitive data and customer details – in the physical world and cyber space – but just how do you go about it?

Did you know…

  • All business that store or process credit/debit cards have to comply with the PCI DSS Standard
  • You must complete the PCI self-assessment questionnaire
  • Compliance requirements are dependent upon a merchant’s level of activity

Becoming compliant ensures you can avoid large fines, loss of business and brand damage. Compliance will also help you achieve best practice for handing such data in your business.

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