Don’t lose sight of ‘business as usual’ through the Olympics

The London Olympics pose a very real threat to business continuity. Whether it is key members of staff or deliveries being caught up in travel disruptions or a remote workforce that has not been fully enabled through the appropriate technology, ‘business as usual‘ may still be out of reach for some organisations.

And it’s not just London based organisations that will suffer. Staff absenteeism could be a problem for reasons other than travel distruption. Whilst it may be too late to adopt the new international business continuity standard, ISO 22301, ahead of the games, you can still put appropriate measures in place using the document templates and guidance contained in our best selling BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit.

Beyond the games, you should cosider the new standard and attend our ISO22301 BCMS Foundation Training Course for an introduction to the best practices associated with Business Continuity Management as defined by the ISO22301 standard, or the ISO22301 BCMS Lead Implementer course for comprehensive and practical coverage of all aspects of implementing a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and ensuring full compliance to the ISO22301 standard.

In the mean-time, check out our Olympics 2012 – Continuity & Security – Policy and Checklist:

Olympics 2012 - Continuity & Security - Policy and Checklist Olympics 2012 – Continuity & Security – Policy and Checklist
Start preparing your organisation so that you and your staff can enjoy the games without unnecessary disruption.

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What’s included?

  • Olympics 2012 Business Continuity Checklist; This Olympics 2012 Business Continuity Checklist is a practical tool that helps business managers ensure that they have addressed all the potential disruptions and security threats that the London Olympics will cause.
  • Olympics 2012 Policy Statement; Experience with major sporting events has taught us that early preparation and clear communications with staff is essential. For business performance, such a policy is fundamental through a significant period, ensuring that normal business is maintained whilst allowing staff to maximise their enjoyment of the event.

The Olympics 2012 Policy Statement provides clear guidance for staff on key issues such as leave to watch the Olympics, absenteeism, travel and information security.

So, don’t gamble your medal and settle for last place over unaccounted for risks – download this today and start planning!

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