Don’t jeopardise record festive sales for the sake of £3,000

There’s now 35 days till Christmas. The good news for online retailers is that, thanks to the Internet, there are also 34 shopping days till Christmas. Once you factor in order fulfilment times and shipping delays, it probably amounts to less than let, so let’s err on the side of caution and say 30. 30 days of online Christmas shopping left, including the increasingly popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and whatever other mid- to late-December offers you have scheduled. That gives you plenty of time to achieve maximum transactions and record revenues.

As online retailers prepare for the busiest time of the year, few realise that the difference between Christmas success and business disaster can be less than £3,000.

Christmas is, as we’ll never tire of pointing out, a busy time for cyber criminals as well as for retailers. There is a well-documented seasonal increase in shopping – especially online – which correspondingly presents an increased opportunity for card fraud. There are also fewer people at work, meaning companies’ resources are stretched, and those people who are at work are thinking of other things, making their organisations more vulnerable to attack. These factors all lay the foundations of a very successful period for the enterprising hacker.

But what are the foundations of a successful festive shopping period for the online retailer? Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

  • Stock availability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Exciting offers
  • Good marketing
  • Efficient, reasonably priced delivery
  • Consumer confidence…

That last one bears consideration. Consumer confidence that you can fulfil their orders and get them their goods when they need them, sure, but also consumer confidence that you won’t follow the example of so many organisations in 2014 and lose their personal data.

Massive data breaches mean massive consumer caution

2014 was a year of massive data breaches. In the US especially, millions of pieces of personal information were lost in a series of data breaches whose costs haven’t even begun to be calculated. Consumers are wary – and rightly so. Indeed, various studies report that data security is a major factor for consumers when choosing where to shop. No one wants to open themselves up to fraud and identity theft when shopping for Christmas gifts.

How best can you give your customers confidence that you take data security seriously and that they can trust your organisation? It’s surprisingly easy: prove that your information security is up to scratch, and demonstrate that shoppers can visit your site with absolute confidence.

Tell your customers they can shop in confidence

Penetration testing will identify potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and web applications, and provide recommendations to improve your network security so that you can reassure your customers that they can shop in confidence. This all adds up to giving you the confidence that you won’t lose out on any festive business.

For less than £3,000, IT Governance’s consultant-driven penetration tests will combine a range of advanced manual tests by our expert, CREST-accredited penetration testers with a number of automated vulnerability scans, using multiple tools and techniques, to enable you to protect your organisation from malicious attack, ensure customer confidence, and make the most of the holiday season.

There’s plenty of time to conduct all the necessary testing, carry out any remediation, and include this information in any marketing collateral you’re sending out before Christmas.

If you order IT Governance’s Combined Infrastructure and Web Application Penetration Test – Level 1 in November, we’ll also carry out an email phishing campaign to test your staff’s awareness absolutely free. Protect your systems from attack, see if your staff are susceptible to phishing attacks, and mitigate the vulnerabilities that cyber attacks will exploit. Click here for more information >>

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