Don’t Ignore Business Risks. Use BS25999 Best Practice Toolkit

Organisations have to deal with a wide range of risks, including:

  • Natural disasters, ranging from volcanic ash to the effects of climate change;
  • Economic disruption and market turbulence;
  • Terrorist-related incidents and disruption;
  • Cyber crime and cyber terrorism;
  • Civil emergencies, strikes, and similar action – often in distant lands;
  • Pandemic threats, including SARS and Avian Flu;
  • Compliance failures;
  • Disruptive technological advances;
  • Technology failure; and
  • Supply chain failure.

These risks are not something you can afford to ingnore. The UK Companies Act 2006 gives statutory force to what has long been the worldwide common law duty of directors, which is to exercise due care in relation to their companies. Specifically, directors must “exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence” (s.174).

BS25999, the Business Continuity Standard, will ensure that your organisation has developed and tested business continuity and disaster recovery plans that deal with all the likely risks that face the organisation.

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BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit

Image Title BS25999 is best practice for Business Continuity Management, and this toolkit contains all the templates and tools that enable a BC manager to quickly and effectively implement a BCMS in line with BS25999.

The BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit contains document templates and guidance that enable you to quickly and efficiently produce your own tailored versions of all the essential documents, as specified by BS25999-2:2007 at clause

In addition, this unique toolkit contains:

  1. PDCA Guidance
  2. a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) Tool;
  3. a Risk Assessment and Risk Register Tool;
  4. a BS25999 Gap Analysis/Audit Tool;
  5. a BS25999 Induction and Awareness Slide Presentation;
  6. a BS25999 implementation progress checklist;
  7. a BS25999 Project Management Implementation Plan.

This toolkit also contains electronic copies of two specialist guides, which are useful both for the project manager and for other team members, as well as for training and awareness activity.

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