Don’t have an information security awareness programme? You’re not alone

Phishing scams, dodgy attachments, weak passwords, websites without security certificates, using your mobile for work purposes… the list of potential sources for security breaches is endless.

When it comes to information security, do you know what your role is, and what you should or shouldn’t be doing?
Does your business have an information security awareness programme? You’re not alone – 49% of businesses don’t.

This isn’t a good thing, by the way. Stats from PwC’s 2015 Global State of Information Security Report found that only 51% of businesses had an information security awareness programme. It’s staggering, and down from 60% in 2013. Let’s put this another way: if you ran a deli, would you give your staff training on how to use the meat slicer? Or would you just let them get on with it? Okay, maybe that was a bad analogy, but you get the point…

While individuals have a role to play, information security awareness needs to come from the top down. Many people are simply unaware of the risks and that their behaviour can put the organisation in danger.

As with most things, it isn’t that complicated – it’s in the education.

At IT Governance, we’ve developed a series of affordable web-based staff awareness training courses. These easy-to-deploy courses deliver essential training that will help your staff understand:

  • the latest cyber security risks;
  • how to spot cyber scams;
  • how to handle data;
  • how to conduct themselves on the internet;
  • how they are a fundamental cog in the organisation’s cyber defences.

Our staff awareness courses include:

Information Security Staff Awareness e-learning course

DPA Staff Awareness e-learning course

Cyber Security and Phishing Staff Awareness e-learning course

How do cyber attacks succeed? Usually by taking advantage of individual employees.

An information security awareness programme is essential to protect your organisation from the latest cyber security threats.

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