Does your board meet IT governance expectations?

Shareholder expectations of boards, and of the individual directors on boards, are clear:

  1. The board of directors will actually direct the management of the company, including strategic and IT business plans and fundamental structural changes;
  2. The board will see to the hiring of competent and honest business and IT managers;
  3. The board will understand the business of the firm and develop and monitor a business and IT strategy;
  4. The board will monitor the managers as they carry out the strategy and the operations of the company;
  5. When making a business decision, the board will develop a thorough understanding of the transaction and act in good faith, on an informed basis, and with a rational business purpose;
  6. The board will operate with basic honesty, care, and loyalty; and
  7. The board will take good-faith steps to make sure the company complies with the law.


These IT governance expectations demand an appropriate IT governance framework, which can be difficult and time-consuming to do from scratch. The IT Governance Framework Toolkit provides you with all the resources (templates, guidelines checklists, questionnaires, presentations, assessments and planning tools) needed to improve your IT governance and meet the above expectations.

Improve your IT governance and meet expectations with the IT Governance Framework Toolkit >>

IT Governance Framework - Toolkit IT Governance Framework – Toolkit

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  4. IT Governance: Implementing Frameworks and Standards for the Corporate Governance of IT.

The toolkit provides you with:

  • a single integrated framework that enables you to get the best out of CobiT, ITIL, ISO27001/ISO27002, ISO20000, Prince2, PMBOK, TOGAF, IT Balanced Scorecards, the Zachman Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management, IT Dashboards and so much more;
  • a framework to navigate your wide-ranging and complex strategic, risk management, compliance and operational needs;
  • a step-by-step guide to cross-company implementation;
  • templates and assessment tools that will simplify many aspects of the process for you; and
  • practical guidance working with ISO/IEC 38500 and for integrating widely-used IT governance frameworks, including CobiT, ISO27001, ITIL and so on.


Improve your IT governance and meet expectations with the IT Governance Framework Toolkit >>