Does Office 365 offer data classification functionality?

We have been running a number of blog posts recently on data classification and ISO 27001, which have generated quite a few conversations with clients about data classification software, such as Boldon James Classifier, and its relative merits compared to the features and functionality offered by Office 365.

What data classification functionality does Boldon James Classifier offer compared to Office 365?

One of the main questions we have been asked is what Boldon James Classifier offers over Office 365 in terms of data classification functionality. The answer to this question is pretty simple: Office 365 only includes the ability to apply meta data to emails.

With Boldon James Boldon Classifier you can apply meta data labels and visual markings to a whole host of file types, including emails, PDFs, Microsoft Office and image files, among others. Classifier also comes with a central administration console that easily enables you to put policies in place that restrict how classified data is handled. (An example of this is when someone attempts to send an email to a recipient outside their organisation with a Word file attachment which has been classified as ‘Restricted’. If the organisation has put a policy in place via the administration console preventing this, then the user will be prevented from sending the email, and will be alerted that the restricted material cannot be sent.)

Boldon James Classifier also works in tandem with other on- demand technologies such as encryption and email filtering software.

Office 365 is very limited in what it offers in terms of data classification. If you want to ensure your data is comprehensively classified to meet the requirements in ISO27001 and to ensure it is adequately protected, Boldon James Classifier is the solution you need.

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