Does cyber insecurity worry you?

Calder-1In recent months, cyber security has been receiving the media coverage that it deserves. You may have noticed that you can’t pick up a paper or put the news on without some mention of a cyber security issue.

I read many publications online which discuss cyber security, but one report which grabbed my attention recently was the one by the Financial Times, ‘The Connected Business: Education’. Several articles in this report discuss cyber risk and cyber threats painting a gloomy picture:

  • Spy Chiefs warn of increased cyber risks
  • Data protection: EU’s lawmakers and states take sides over privacy regulations
  • Global politics: Fears of cyber war and espionage raise tensions
  • Compliance: Data breach reports should aid those who have been affected
  • Cyber crime: Biggest danger to intellectual property comes from within
  • Persistent threats: Cyber crooks turn to ‘spear phishing’ to reel in targets

Cyber security has moved to the top of the boardroom agenda (both corporate and political), in the past year, and there are dire warnings about the consequences of ignoring the threats posed by financially motivated criminals, state sponsored industrial espionage and politically motivated ‘hacktivists’.

This is particularly evident given that, just 2 weeks ago, MI5 and GCHQ sent a letter to the chairs of all the FTSE 350 companies in Britain, offering to conduct an assessment of their cyber defences. Those who participate in this assessment agree to have their results published alongside their peers; this could prove to be embarrassing to businesses that do not have robust cyber security.

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