Documentation toolkits – waste of money or the perfect productivity tool?

When implementing a management standard (such as ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO9001 ISO14001, ISO20000 etc.), or when meeting obligatory requirements under the Data Protection Act (DPA) or PCI DSS, which part of the project do you find most daunting?

Be honest!

A lot of project leaders and lead implementers we have spoken to, feel overwhelmed by the number and variety of documentation that needs to be produced during the implementation process. Even those who have been on one of our specialist training courses, agree that it is more efficient to use pre-written document templates whilst being able to focus on other milestones of the project.

The idea

Years ago, we started to work with industry experts and qualified professionals in order to create comprehensive documentation toolkits able to satisfy the needs of their users.

Our aim was to come up with a consistent set of document templates written in a format recognised by standard bodies and mapped to the necessary elements of the standard, framework or regulation.

Our ultimate goal was to help users:

  • improve their productivity
  • avoid dead-end trial and errors
  • stop reinventing wheels
  • gain certification with the least amount of time and cost

I found a free template online – can I use it?

Those documentation toolkits which are feely available online cannot offer the same quality as those offered by professional bodies. More importantly, you don’t have any guarantee the information provided is accurate. This is simply because they usually come from various (often unknown) sources where there have been little or no checks.

With years of experience packed in to them, the IT Governance toolkits have been put together by experienced practitioners to help guarantee you success.

Value for money?

Our documentation toolkits are not free, but they are cost-effective and cost less than one day’s consultancy fee. They have been designed for users who value quality and ROI over short-term savings.

Why are the IT Governance documentation toolkits the  PERFECT productivity tool?

PProfessionaldeveloped by experts in their chosen fields

EEconomic – cost less than one day’s consultancy fee

RReliable – the templates are accurate and up-to-date

FFree support – each toolkit comes with 12 months of automatic upgrades

EEasy to use

CCustomizable and compatible with Microsoft® Office

TTime-saving – designed to save the user months of time and effort


Apart from being PERFECT, the IT Governance documentation toolkits are:

  • designed to follow the same structure as the standard  / framework / regulation they are aligned to
  • fully adaptable, user friendly and tangible
  • suitable for any sized organisation within any sector

The decision is yours: Productivity and long term-success vs Short-term savings!

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