Citrix reveals latest report on Cloud Computing

Do you know what Cloud Computing is? Really? The reason we ask is that a  national survey conducted by Wakefield Research (commissioned by Citrix) in August 2012  revealed that most Americans are confused by the Cloud….

Here are some of their latest findings:

  • When asked what “the Cloud” is:
    • 29% said it’s either an actual cloud, the sky or something related to the weather
    • Only 16% said it was a computer network to store, access and share data from Internet-connected devices
    • Other responses were: Toilet paper, pillow, heaven, mysterious network and outerspace
  • 51% of respondents believe stormy weather can intefere with cloud computing
  • Nearly 1/3 see the cloud as a thing of the future
  • Three in every five believe the “workplace of the future” will exist entirely in the Cloud
  • 54% claim never to use Cloud Computing, but in fact 95% do. Even when people don’t think they’re using the Cloud, they really are, e.g. using social networking sites, playing online games, storing photos and music online and using your email!
  • The top 3 concerns over Cloud security are cost (34%), security concerns (32%) and privacy concerns (31%)

 Commissioned by Citrix, this report shows that although the Cloud phenomenon is setting root in our mainstram culture, there is still a wide gap between perceptions and realities of cloud computing.

Citrix state: “These survey responses show there is a significant disconnect between what Americans know, what they pretend to know, and what they actually do when it comes to Cloud Computing.”

If you want to know what cloud computing really is then read Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks. This book  will take you through the different types of cloud and which one is right for your business. Alternatively, read our information page on Cloud Computing which summarises what cloud computing is, the benefits, the risks and more.

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Source: Citrix