Do you follow the 10 steps to cyber security? – Infographic

Three words that I believe boards are still getting used to:


By themselves, they have their own definition, but together they create a topic which should be on the top of any organisation’s agenda.

Cyber Security Risk

In the last couple years, cyber security has become more of a mainstream news topic than ever before. This is partly due to attacks carried out on large organisations by groups such as Lulzsec and Anonymous. But it’s not just large organisations being attacked by these ‘boyband’ groups. There are endless amounts of cyber criminals out there, operating in silence. They’re taking confidential information, money and other valuable assets from whoever they can. And if you leave your back door open, they’ll take everything.

MI5 and GCHQ recently sent out letters to FTSE 350 urging them to step up their cyber security defences. What SMEs and large organisations really need to do is to get in people who can quickly and cost-effectively assess their cyber health and provide a risk-based, business-orientated cyber risk management plan.

Our infographic explains the 10 most vital aspects of an organisation’s cyber security defences which are in line with the UK Government’s 10 steps to cyber security framework.  We have put them against related findings from the Information Security Breaches Survey and other surveys to show how far off the mark most organisations are.

So, what are your next steps to improve your cyber security?

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