Do we really need an ITIL continual professional development scheme?

At a recent ATO roundtable event hosted by AXELOS, the owners of the ITIL® and PRINCE2® methodologies, in San Francisco, USA, AXELOS announced they are considering introducing a system for continual professional development (CPD) for ITIL qualified professionals.

So, what would a scheme such as this look like? Well, such a scheme is likely to focus on the Intermediate and Master ITIL qualifications. ITIL qualified professionals would most likely need to take a re-registration exam every three to five years to maintain their qualification.

The structure of the scheme is likely to mirror that which AXELOS already employs with the PRINCE2 qualifications. It’s a model they understand and are likely to replicate for ITIL.

But do we really need such a scheme? To be honest, it really depends on your own focus. If you are using ITIL day in, day out, then such a programme may be beneficial. However, if you consider the narrow scope of such a scheme, with its focus on ITIL, what about the need for a much broader scheme encompassing the whole field of service management?

Well, such a scheme already exists. itSMF has been running the priSM® scheme for a number of years. priSM has a much broader scope than the proposed ITIL scheme would have. It covers the whole field of service management, not just ITIL, recognising the worth of other approaches, such as COBIT® 5 among many others.

The difference between AXELOS’s proposed scheme and the priSM scheme is resources. It is likely with AXELOS behind the ITIL scheme that it will take off, whereas priSM has suffered from lack of resources and investment.

It seems certain that it isn’t if but when the ITIL CPD scheme is rolled out.

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