DNV – IT Governance Ltd ISO 27001 Workshop – Practical Guidance for Senior managers

There’s no question that the UK has led the world in pioneering information security standards. For example, BS 7799 was originally published way back in 1995. However, as the recent ISO Survey demonstrated, adoption of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard overseas has far surpassed local adoption. This surprised us as the risks associated with a lack of an information security management system are evident to us and our ISO 27001 clients. As a result, we thought it was time to host a dedicated workshop on the information security standard.

On 26th February 2013, IT Governance Ltd will bring you a one-day workshop with global independent certification body, DNV. Event details are available here.

Why now? Because the online world is rife with activism, protests, retaliation and pranks. These activities encompass more than data breaches and include such phenomena as large-scale DDoS attacks. The theft of corporate and personal information has certainly proved to be a core tactic that it’s been difficult to ignore recently. Last year, the spectre of “hacktivism” rose to haunt organisations around the world, with the emphasis on embarrassing its victims by inflicting damage on their corporate reputation.

Doubly concerning for many organisations and executives was the fact that the target selection by these groups didn’t follow the logical lines of who has the most money and/or valuable information to protect. Enemies are more frightening when you can’t predict their behaviour – as is the case with cyber-crime!

Against this background of high profile hacking, the mainstream cybercriminals in 2012 were finding that business was good, and prospects even better. They continued to automate and streamline their method du jour of high-volume, low-risk attacks. Much less frequent but arguably more damaging, attacks that targeted trade secrets and classified information alarmed enterprises and governments.

The one thing that you can be certain of is that cyber-crime is not going away, and your organisation needs effective information security. The workshop will include presentations by both partners, case study examples and a surgery where delegates will have an opportunity to ask questions one-on-one. They will walk away knowing more about the standard, how it works in practice, what is involved in the preparation phase, and secure contacts to implement ISO 27001. There is limited seating so sign up now. Registrations are accepted on the IT Governance website or by telephone on 0845 070 1750.