DIY DPA Compliance

This week Betfair, one of the world’s largest online betting exchanges, announced a data breach in which millions of their customers contact details and credit card numbers were stolen by hackers. The incident had a huge impact on Betfair’s brand, their customer’s confidence, and has resulted in the departure of their security director.

All UK Organisations must comply with the DPA: Fact.

At IT Governance we want to offer you the tools to cost-effectively become DPA complaint, understand your DPA responsibilities and protect your brand from DPA breaches.

Our DPA Foundation Course is ideal for those who are responsible for personal data within an organisation. This interactive course will provide you with knowledge of:

  • The current legal compliance issues
  • The 8 principles of the DPA
  • How to manage personal data legally and effectively
  • How to review your own level of compliance
  • How to ensure your organisation is compliant.

Get on the DIY DPA Compliance Road Today With This DPA Foundation Course >>

If you have already been on our DPA Foundation course, or if you are about to implement a DPA project, you should consider our Complete DPA Toolkit.

Complete Data Protection Toolkit
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Complete Data Protection Toolkit

RRP: £156.00
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This complete toolkit provides all the tools and resources you need to DIY your own DPA project. Featuring a specialist compliance assessment tool, a documentation toolkit and invaluable guides this toolkit will save you days of work. For a limited time it also comes with a free single-user license e-learning staff awareness course.

DPA Compliance – Do It Yourself with this toolkit >>>