Why distance learning saves your organisation time and money

Losing staff for days at a time as they go on training courses is a pain. Productivity inevitably declines, with organisations forced to decide whether to simply let the employee’s work pile up or ask the rest of the team to chip in at the expense of their own workload.

You might think that there’s no alternative. Employees must be given the opportunity to gain new skills, as it helps them progress their career and helps you retain top talent – something that’s more important than ever given the perilously competitive job market.

However, there is a way around this problem. The solution is distance learning.

The benefits of distance learning

Distance learning is sometimes thought of as the backup option for those who can’t attend classroom courses. However, the flexibility it provides makes it an ideal way for organisations to boost their employees’ skills without losing their presence in the office.

Employees don’t need to take additional time off for travelling to and from the classroom.

And with the opportunity to study at their own pace – and perhaps even from the workplace – you might barely notice the difference.

You of course can’t expect them to balance a training course and their full-time job, but they’ll at least be available to respond to urgent work queries instead of being shut in a classroom and uncontactable.

This means you’re not restricted to sending one employee on a course at a time. You can instead book courses for multiple members of your team and rotate who studies and who works. That way, everybody gains key skills and your organisation remains productive.

There are financial incentives to distance learning as well. If your organisation is paying for the course, you won’t have to cover travel costs or pay expenses.

It shouldn’t be hard to persuade staff that distance learning benefits them, too. For example:

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