Digital Forensics – a new way of staying ahead of data breaches

Not so long ago you surely heard about the student in Western Canada, who was using his school’s internet connection to distribute child pornography. Accidentally, he left a thumb drive containing illicit material in a public computer. The perpetrator was, incidentally, nabbed by police after stopping by the schools’ IT department asking if anyone had turned in the missing device.

In a separate incident, forensicators (digital investigators) had to dig into a deceased employee’s computer to look for any evidence – related to work – that caused the person to take their own life.

Digital forensics is a relatively new discipline; however it has already become an integral aspect of information security incident response plans for many organisations worldwide. The field of digital forensics is defined as the practice of gathering and examining data from computer systems, networks and wireless devices in a way that, if necessary, will hold up as evidence in court.

Many organisations, especially those from the commercial technology industry, have experienced some of the most frequent and advanced cyber attacks. As prevention to possible future threats, they have started using forensic threat intelligence.

“The only way to stay ahead of [today’s threats] is to have a team that will help you generate additional threat intelligence. That’s where digital forensics is becoming extremely useful in commercial and government organisations.”Rob Lee, SANS Institute

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IT Governance is pleased to offer you this fantastic training course which presents the art and science of digital forensics, including:

  • Prevention of data leakage,
  • Dealing with computer incidents in the workplace,
  • Preparation strategy and forensic readiness.


Digital Forensics Foundation Training Course – 13 September in London

Digital Forensics Foundation Training Course

This course is taught by a highly qualified Computer Forensics specialist and Expert Witness. Currently a Chief Investigator in private practice working on both Civil and Criminal enquiries, this experienced analyst has been trained to an advanced level in current digital forensic methodologies and tools.

An advisor on security issues to a both large ‘Corporates’ and SMEs, the presenter is well informed on the latest internal and external threats. This knowledge is enhanced by more than 15 years’ experience in investigations and undercover work.

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Who is this course for?

This 1-day course is ideal for Senior Information Risk Officers (SIROs), as it enables them to meet the Cabinet Office ‘Minimum Mandatory Measures’ requirement to have a ‘forensic readiness policy’. It is also ideal for those tasked with introducing an information security incident response regime.


Those that attend the course will receive a formal IT Governance Digital Forensics Foundation Training Certificate.