Develop Your Cyber Security Strategy

In today’s information economy, the protection of information assets (information security) is a key element in the long-term competitiveness and survival of all organisations. With the Internet becoming a ubiquitous communication and application platform, the greatest risk to your organisation is likely to come from risk of cyber crime.

In the Public Sector, the need to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information is imperative to ensure the efficient delivery of services to your respective ‘customers’.

The risks of cyber crime have been well documented and several public sector organisations have received negative press around their handing of sensitive data over the last few years. You only have to look at the Information Commissioner’s website to review the list of the latest UK data breaches to see a number of local authorities who have been penalised as a result of malicious or accidental data security incidents.

The Stakes are High!

The potential impact of ‘cyber risk’ to your business includes:

  • Financial loss from theft or fraud
  • Loss of invaluable customer information or Intellectual Property
  • Possible fines from legal and regulatory bodies (e.g. FSA, Information Commissioner)
  • Loss of reputation through ‘word of mouth’ and adverse press coverage.

Develop Your Cyber Security Strategy

Effective cyber security depends on co-ordinated, integrated preparations for rebuffing, responding to and recovering from, a range of possible cyber attacks. In an Internet environment where a substantial number of initial attacks are automated, and any assault on critical national infrastructure (‘CNI’) is likely to be widespread, all organisations need to take steps to prepare themselves.

Download our free White Paper Cyber Security: a Critical Business Risk, which sets out a Five-Step Cyber Security Strategy that every organisation should adopt.

Ensure you Develop an Efficient Cyber Security Strategy.

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