Demystify Management Secrets with this eBook for the Weekend!

Demystify management secrets with 30 Key Questions to Unlock Management. This book will show you how to:

  • obtain the best from your staff and improve the productivity of your team
  • to manage and build a better working relationship with your boss
  • increase your personal power – to get noticed and increase your circle of influence
  • deal with difficult political situations and help change happen
  • create allies and advocates and enhance your reputation

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management (eBook) 30 Key Questions that Unlock Management (eBook)

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Don’t think this book is just another self-help guide, filling your mind with good ideas and theories that are too difficult or time-consuming to put into practice.

No. This book is different.

30 Key Questions that Unlock Management is not designed to be read from cover to cover; rather, it is a manual that provides the answers to your particular problems. It is a direct response to real questions posed by real people doing real jobs. Each section contains practical advice and immediate steps you can take to deal with the issue at hand.

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