Demonstrate the benefits of an IT governance framework to your CEO

Question: Why do so many organisations NOT have an effective IT governance framework in place?

Answer: The CEO often doesn’t realise what one is, or the HUGE benefits it can bring.

Needless to say that creating an effective IT governance framework is probably not on the CEO’s top list of challenges. But make them aware of the benefits and you might just change their perception…

  • Competitiveness
  • Increased efficiency of IT services whilst driving down costs
  • Meet all your regulatory and statutory compliance requirements
  • IT can facilitate and drive business change, helping meet business objectives

CEO’s and boards continue to demand value and better services from their IT departments. Exceed expectations by creating a IT governance framework. Implement an effective IT governance framework in your organisation with the IT Governance Framework Toolkit.

IT Governance Framework Toolkit IT Governance Framework Toolkit

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  The toolkit includes a free Olympics Policies & Checklist  

This toolkit will enable you to integrate all your existing IT frameworks, maximising their effectiveness, driving efficiency and reducing duplication of work. Containing all the documents, templates, guidelines and planning tools this toolkit costs less than one days consultancy.

Currently this toolkit also comes with a free Olympics Policies & Checklists. Recent falls in levels of workplace sickness absence have stalled and fresh efforts must be made to maintain the downward trend, according to a recent EEF report.

With the London Olympics happening this summer, absenteeism, along with travel disruption, business disruption, security threats and supply chain problems, organisations should use the ‘Olympics 2012 Continuity & Security Policy and Checklist’, to get ahead of the games and protect their most valuable assets.

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