Deal With 2016 Cyber Threats Today

The Information Security Forum (ISF) has recently published their forward-looking report on the security threats and cyber landscape of the future ‘Threat Horizon 2016 – on the edge of trust.’

This annual report attempts to identify what the cyber security issues will be in two years’ time and what organisations need to do now to mitigate the possible threats and scenarios they will face.

The forecast doesn’t look good. Heavily influenced by Edward Snowden’s revelations of cyber surveillance by the US government, the Threat Horizon report cites a breakdown in trust between individuals, business and governments.

It also brings in to focus increased cyber risks caused by inadequate cyber defences, a lack of encryption, poorly designed mobile applications and a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.

The report states that organisations must build cyber resilience now: the ability to defend against cyber attack whilst also having provisions in place should an attack occur.

The threats identified included:

  • Service providers become a key vulnerability: cyber criminals target the supply chain rather than the organisation itself.
  • Big data = big problems: be wary of making strategic decisions based on incomplete data sets.
    • Ensure the organisation has the skills to analyse big data properly and apply it to cyber security issues.
  • Mobile apps become the main route for compromise: cyber criminals target mobile apps as their fast paced development often means a lack of security.
  • Encryption fails: due to the huge increase in processing power combined with poorly designed software.
  • Skills gap becomes a chasm.

The cyber threat landscape won’t wait for you. You need to address 2016 threats now. Developing an enterprise wide cyber resilience strategy is essential for all businesses.

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