Data Protection: How serious are you?

Well according to a survey conducted by Varonis – not very!

Varonis Research discovered that 70% of organisations storing third party data are not very confident that the data they store  is protected.

Shocking, huh?

This means that nearly 3/4 of companies are failing to comply with the UK Data Protection Act, the EU Data Directive and Sarbanes-Oxley. Even more shockingly, this means that firms across the world are leaving themselves open to fines of up to £500,000, 2% of their global turnover and/or prison sentences  – not to mention brand damage, customer relationships ruined, trust lost and a likely inevitability of closure of business.

David Gibson, director of strategy for Varonis, explained, “It’s worrying that so many companies are still complacent when it comes to data protection. It means that these organizations would have some serious questions to answer should they suffer a breach.”

A data breach can be detrimental to your business, so ensure you know that your data is secured safely by complying to the Data Protection Act (DPA).

There is a standard approach towards achieving DPA compliance:

  • Understand what the DPA is and  how it affects your business
  • Identify your current level of conformance to the DPA
  • Identify gaps and steps to achieve compliance
  • Document your DPA policies
  • Understand how to react if you suffered a data breach
  • Initiate DPA staff training

Achieve all of this with the Complete Data Protection Toolkit, available from IT Governance.

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Source: MarketWatch