Data Protection – Can You Afford Not To Comply?

Last week the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) imposed a £1000 fine on ACS:Law for a breach of data security. ACS:Law had exposed 6,000 of its users personal details online. Now, £1000 does not sound too severe a fine, does it. However, to put this in context, the company would have been issued a fine of £200,000 if they had not already ceased trading.

This highlights the importance of data protection. For many organisations it is a pre-requisite to comply with the Data Protection Act. Failing to do so can incur huge fines, have a significant impact on business and damage your brand. Could your business afford a £200,000 fine? Do you really want to dissolve your business for an issue that can be quickly resolved?

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Complete Data Protection ToolkitIncludes:

Complete Data Protection Toolkit

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When dealing with the issue of Data Protection the first thing to do is to identify your current level of compliance. The DPA Compliance Assessment Tool will help you do this and provide recommendations and guidelines on how to close any identified gaps.

Then you need to identify what you need to do to become fully compliant. The DPA Compliance Toolkit includes all the documentation templates, which are fully customisable, that are essential for any organisation seeking compliance.

The Toolkit also includes two pocket guides, Data Protection Compliance in the UK and How To Survive a Data Breach, which provide supporting guidance for a DPA project.

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