Data Privacy Day – It’s Time To Get Protected

This Saturday marks the international ‘Data Privacy Day’ where organisations, governments and individuals from America, Canada and the European Union come together to promote and raise awareness about issues of data privacy and data protection.

Although only in its infancy, Data Privacy Day has some heavy weight backers in the form of Intel, eBay, Google, facebook and international governments. This reflects the magnitude of the issue, and how in this modern age all business must protect critical information in cyber space.

The best way for all businesses to protect their critical data in cyber space is to create an information security management system aligned with the international cyber security standard ISO27001.

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This toolkit is designed to help you quickly and cost-effectively create an ISO27001 compliant information security management system

This toolkit contains copies of the information security standards, documentation templates, a risk assessment tool and all the guidance you need to implement your own ISO27001 cyber security project.

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