Data breaches in U.S hospitals jump by 1/3

The number of data breaches in health organizations in the U.S has increased by 32%  in 2011, costing the industry an estimated $6.5 billion.

President of the U.S, Barack Obama, has been incentivizing doctors and hospitals to spur on adopting digital health records. This has in fact had a negative effect, with most hospitals spending their time, money and efforts in gaining electronic equipment,  leaving behind the importance of  data security for their patients.

The report, conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC,  also found out that 49% of  health organization breaches came from lost or stolen devices which contained sensitive data.  The majority of the hospitals surveyed  said that they uses mobile devices to transmit patient data, but only 38% of organizations said they were confident of the security of these devices.

The solution?

Use encrypted hardware. SafeStick is a secure USB stick with AES 256 bit hardware encryption and is FIPS 197-certified.

This stick includes brute force attack lockdown protection which means should the password to your SafeStick be entered incorrectly a number of times, the SafeStick is disabled or the data on it wiped.

Over 1 million SafeSticks are now in use in the NHS (UK), helping to keep patient data and other confidential data secure.

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