Data breaches are more stressful than divorce

A new study, conducted by Websense, has found that the stress of managing company confidential data is greater than enduring a divorce, managing personal debt, or suffering a minor car accident for IT managers.

A survey of 2,000 IT managers and non-IT employees in the UK, America and Australia were asked about the latest threats to corporate and personal security. The report showed striking results which raises the importance of data protection.

More facts about data breaches that Websense can reveal:

  1. 14% said losing their job would be less stressful than staying in their current role
  2. 86% thought that their job would be at risk if a security incident were to occur
  3. 37% said data had been lost by employees and 34% of confidential information had been posted on a social networking site
  4. 34% of employees who accidentallycompromise data wouldn’t tell their boss
  5. 91% of IT managers have reported that new levels of management have been involved in data security conversations in the last year.

These are really startling results, showing that managing company confidential data can be a real worry for many IT managers.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

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