CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime and CyberActivism

IT Governance Publishing has this week published its latest title: CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime and CyberActivism.

The latest in its growing cybersecurity catalogue, this book discusses how organisations need to adopt a culture of cyber security awareness that complements their technology-based defences to rebuff the ever-increasing threat of cyberattack.

A successful cyberattack can have devastating consequences for a business, including the theft of information, disruption of services and loss of reputation. However businesses often just focus on the technology and technical response to cyber threats: the human aspect of cyber security is often overlooked.

CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime and CyberActivism discusses how to utilise international standards and best practices to establish a culture within the organisation to handle cyberthreats.

In an interview with IT Governance Publishing, ‘CyberWar, CyberTerror, CyberCrime and CyberActivism’s’ author, Dr Julie Mehan, states that she wanted to strip back some of the hype that often surrounds the concept of ‘cyber war’ and address some of the real world problems – especially the human element – that were often neglected.

“The concept of a cyberwar has always both intrigued and alarmed me. While the potential consequences of a true cyberwar could be devastating, I found that I disagreed with many of the current publications that were deeming almost every “hacker” event as a cyberwar – I wanted to add my voice to the discussion. I felt strongly that the cyberwar hype was actually damaging and may even inhibit the ability of cybersecurity professionals to address the real problems. ”

Learn how to set up a culture in your organisation to handle cyberthreats, wherever they come from.

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