Cybersecurity to be added to India’s university curriculum

According to The Times of India, Cybersecurity is set to be introduced as a new subject in universities across India.

This is a great opportunity for students who will now be able to study at an under-graduate and post-graduate level.

This change has come to fruition following the recommendations of a task force on the National Security System. The task force, set up by Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, reviews the working of the national security system.

India will follow other countries’ footsteps such as the UK and USA who already have successful cybersecurity programmes in their universities and technical colleges.

Introducing cybersecurity subjects in universities will give students the  skills and knowledge they need to provide a more secure India for the future.

The recommendations of a task force on the National Security System coincides with Indian government regulations, where organisations are encouraged to implement ISO27001 (information security standard) to comply with the Information Technology Act (ITA).

With this in place and universities to teach cybersecurity subjects, India is setting itself up for a secure future.

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It’s good sense to avoid re-inventing existing wheels. Encourage cooperation by taking the guesswork out of…infosecurity and use template-based processes.
Jay G Heiser, VP and research director at Gartner Research.


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