Cybersecurity is a critical business issue. Avoid becoming the next Sony

Cybersecurity is a critical business issue that is climbing the agenda in boardrooms everywhere.

This is no surprise considering the high profile media storm that has been building since the Sony hacking scandal. A year has now passed since Sony shut its Playstation Network.

The attacks reflect an approach to information security that was at best easy-going and at worst downright negligent. As a result, Sony’s reputation for software excellence was shredded as personal data relating to millions of its customers was stolen. Its online revenue strategy was imperilled, and its share price tumbled.

CEO’s should be looking at ISO 27001 to mitigate the risk of becoming the next Sony.

ISO 27001 is recognised as the international Cybersecurity standard and together with the Code of Practice, ISO27002, provide an internationally recognised best-practice framework for addressing the entire range of risks.

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