Cyber Security Pocket Guide Bundle

All organisations, regardless of size, need to make sure that their information and cyber security defences are up to the task of preventing any form of attack. Having poor defences can (and will) leave your organisation:

  • Vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • Exposed to a PR disaster
  • Helpless against substantial fines

There are many threats organisations face, but one of them is often ignored – the threat from the inside. You can have the best technical security and the most sophisticated processes in place, but one member of staff who is untrained or ignorant of the dangers can compromise your whole system. Keeping your staff aware of the dangers is a key aspect of any information security management system.

Ideal for non-technical staff in all business functions, the Cyber Security Pocket Guide Bundle provides employees with a comprehensive understanding to cyber security. By educating your staff on best cyber security practices, you can minimise the internal threat your organisation faces.

Pocket guides included in this bundle are:

  • The True Cost of Information Security Breaches & Cyber Crime
  • An Introduction to Hacking & Crimeware
  • An Introduction to Information Security & ISO27001
  • PCI DSS: A Pocket Guide 2nd Edition
  • Data Protection Compliance in the UK

Start educating your staff on basic cyber security practices to minimise the internal threat. Give them a copy of the Cyber Security Pocket Guide Bundle.