Cyber security novice? Learn the basics and start to protect your organisation

baby-84626_1920We often receive calls from non-technical senior managers who are looking for an introduction to cyber security and a basic understanding of how they can protect their organisation from the increasing risks of cyber attack. These have included enquiries from the owners and directors of small companies who do not have an IT background and – more surprisingly – calls from the CEOs and MDs of larger organisations who are trying to make sense of what their own IT managers are telling them!

Information security can be defined as the establishment and maintenance of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisation’s information assets. This may sound easy but cyber security (we used to call it information security) is a complex, multi-faceted practice that demands an understanding of the people, processes and technology involved.

I mention the people and processes as they are often overlooked by vendors marketing cyber security solutions. In fact, many of these propositions are overtly technical in nature and a novice could be forgiven for thinking they need a degree in IT to understand how they can help their business. They will also be very wary of making the wrong decision about the (potentially very high) costs and return on investment on recruitment, training, implementation and purchasing.

Cyber Essentials scheme

The good news is that help is at hand from an unlikely source. In 2014, the UK Government introduced the Cyber Essentials scheme, which is designed to help organisations deal with the business-critical issue of cyber security. The scheme provides a set of measures (controls) that organisations can implement to achieve a basic level of cyber security. It also provides an excellent and practical framework for learning the ‘cyber security basics’ and starting to reduce the risks associated with cyber crime at the same time.

Our Cyber Essentials Foundation training course is an inexpensive one-day training course designed to provide delegates with the knowledge to prevent 80% of cyber attacks and achieve an improved cyber security posture in their business. It also delivers an introduction to cyber security and a review of the current UK cyber security threat landscape. Delegates are taught how to conduct a ‘cyber security’ self-assessment and apply the five key control requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme.

The next session of the Cyber Essentials Foundation classroom course is running in London on 15 January 2016. Book your place now >>