Cyber security nightmares? You’re not alone

Are you a business owner who’s continually putting off addressing cyber security? You’re not alone.

Cyber attacks, data breaches, and stories of cyber criminals stealing from individuals and businesses are as common place as a bus replacement service on Sunday (if you don’t use the trains very often, I apologise for this analogy). These are real threats for all businesses; it’s not personal, it’s just the way of the modern world.

Our dependence upon the Internet and the data we send across it provide endless opportunities for cyber criminals. Additionally, automated hacking tools look for vulnerabilities in systems without caring who owns that system: it doesn’t matter if you’re a florist, a construction recruitment agency or you manufacture hinges, if you have an online presence you need to ensure you have adequate cyber defences.

I don’t have a massive budget for cyber defences, what should I do?

First of all, consider this:

Large organisations in the UK are paying between £600,000 and £1.15 million for their worst breaches, while even small organisations are being stung for between £65,000 and £115,000*. The effects of a successful cyber attack can be devastating. You must ensure that you protect your business, and understand how to respond to one. Ask yourself: can I afford to suffer an attack?

If you are completely new to cyber security then the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme is the perfect place to start. It advocates implementing a set of five controls that can help organisations stop up to 80% of the most common cyber attacks.

To help organisations achieve certification to Cyber Essentials, we’ve created a series of fixed-price packaged solutions, which combine a unique mix of tools, training and consultancy.

Cyber Essentials should be the first step in improving your organisations security. Check out our packaged solutions below, which start from as little as £300.

Cyber Essentials - Do It YourselfCyber Essentials – Do It YourselfThis package is for organisations with the technical know-how to implement the appropriate controls and complete the self-assessment questionnaire. It enables you to submit the SAQ electronically and schedule the required external vulnerability scans.Prices from £300. Learn more
Cyber Essentials - Get A Little HelpCyber Essentials – Get A Little HelpThis package contains a mix of training, tools and online consultancy to help you meet the requirements of the scheme. It includes our certification service, enabling you to submit the SAQ and conduct the requisite scans.Prices from £1,285.  Learn more
Cyber Essentials - Get A Lot of HelpCyber Essentials – Get A Lot Of HelpWe’ll guide you through the entire process with this full-day, on-site consultancy service. It’s been designed for organisations with little information security expertise or those who just want to achieve Cyber Essentials certification as fast as possible.10% online discount on this service until March 27.

Prices from £1,480.

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Adopting Cyber Essentials is the first step towards a more cyber secure future.

Learn more about our Cyber Essentials Packaged Solutions.