Cyber Security – Make it your top priority!

October 2012 marks the ninth annual National Cyber Security Awareness month sponsored by the USA’s Department of Homeland Security. Alongside this, ENISA has launched European Cyber Security month. With a week having passed, these “awareness campaigns” are designed to bring cyber security – and the importance of information security – to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Clearly cyber security was on President Obama’s mind when he declared it as one of the country’s most important national security priorities in 2012, but where does it reside now on peoples list of priorities? The correct answer is at the top – with attacks becoming more sophisticated and persistent – individuals, organisations and government departments must make sure they are protected and that they eliminate vulnerabilities that make them an easy target.    

It was announced yesterday that the European Union is hosting what it describes as its biggest cybersecurity exercise. This exercise will simulate a DDos attack with 1,200 attacks on Governments, businesses and ISPs. A security expert has warned that ‘the effort would be of only limited use when it came to protecting organisations against real-world attacks.’ So just how do you prepare for real-world attack?

Now you can find out with the Cyber Security: A Critical Business Risk whitepaper which details a seven-step cyber security strategy. Download it here