Cyber security: it pays to be ISO27001-compliant!

Cyber attacks cost the UK £27 billion in 2011. Is your company really secure? How would you know?

The average cost to UK business per record lost increased from £47 in 2007 to £79 in 2011. (1)

£37 of this cost was incurred indirectly, from factors such as lost business, reputational damage or churn of existing customers. Customers that may not come back, because now they don’t trust you.

And then there’s data protection, legal compliance and directors’ reputational damage.

And things are getting worse.

ISO27001 is the international Information Security standard recommended by the market leaders.

It pays to be ISO27001 compliant. Here’s why:

A recent survey (2) shows that consumers are taking privacy and security into account when making purchasing decisions, and will consider leaving companies in the wake of a data breach incident. Wouldn’t you?

Are you ready to protect your business from this revenue drainer, resulting from loss of reputation?

Do you want to find out in the press or on TV that your company has just been hacked?

An ISO27001 Certificate says that your Board takes cybercrime and growing threats seriously.

120+ Companies are now cybersecure with their ISO27001 certification  thanks to help from our experts.

How do you achieve ISO27001 Certification? We have devised an easy way to speed up your progress.

IT Governance’s consultants will assess your cybersecurity policy, procedures and controls in a day-long workshop visit onto your site, for a fee that you will save many times over in performance improvements and fraud reduction. This ‘Cyber Security Health Check’ is completely confidential and without obligation.

It will be facilitated by a professional adviser with years of ISO27001 feasibility, gap analysis, risk-assessment and auditing experience. They will help to develop your plans and ensure that critical data is protected and secure against all the risks you’re concerned about – we don’t leave anything to chance.

There’s no time like the present to become your own Revenue Assurance/Fraud Prevention “champion”.

Take an important step towards achieving ISO27001 certification.

Call us today, to discuss setting up your ISO27001 Health Check – the value of which more than justifies the cost:

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You can read more about how our professional services can help you to accelerate your compliance project, reaching a successful conclusion in far less time. Go to our Free Advice Pack Download page.

We have helped many UK organisations to successfully achieve UKAS-accredited ISO27001 certification – and we look forward to working with you.


PS – Visiting InfoSecurity Europe 2012? We are offering a free 15-minute ‘Compliance Surgery’ with one of our trusted advisers. Would you like to ask us any questions about ISO27001 certification? We’d be happy to answer them at ‘InfoSec’. Book your place today: 

  (1)   Cost of data breaches outstripping inflation, Info Security, 20 March 2012.

(2)  Edelman survey, March 07, 2012