Cyber Security Awareness and Preparedness Survey

Would you agree with me that it’s fascinating how 80% of cyber attacks could have been prevented through basic security hygiene?

Basic cyber security hygiene can include things such as ensuring all applications and firewalls are up to date, training staff on basic information security, scanning emails and having anti-virus software installed on all computers.

Do you do all of the above? Or even better, do you have an information security management system which is capable of withstanding employee negligence and/or ignorance?

Consider the facts:

  • 78% of large organisations surveyed* were attacked by outsiders last year,
  • 46% of all security breaches last year were caused by either human error or misuse of systems by staff,
  • 20% had their networks penetrated by outsiders, and
  • 14% were aware of the fact that outsiders had stolen their IP or confidential information.

The following quick survey has been designed to establish how IT professionals, legal professionals, CIOs and Managing Directors feel about their companies’ abilities to safeguard crucial company information and how information security risks are being dealt with.

Take the survey now

As a thank you for taking this survey (which should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete), we’d like to send you the first title in our Critical Issues Series that looks at key challenges facing business today: Critical Issues Series – Cyber Security.

This book will be delivered via email within a few days of you completing the survey.

* Surveys used: 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey by The Department Of Business Information & Skills and The 2013 Ponemon Institute Survey on The Real Cost of Cyber Crime


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