Cyber security at easy reach

Small and medium-sized companies are at risk of cyber attack as much as larger corporations. They face the same risks and consequences, the only difference is in how they counterattack: they usually have a lower budget, fewer cyber security defences and less technical expertise. So how can they build up valuable and effective defences to prevent or mitigate such attacks?

The five controls

The Cyber Essentials scheme proposes five controls that help prevent up to 80% of Internet-based threats. Implementing these controls can help your company achieve a basic level of cyber security and keep your business alive.

  1. Secure configuration
    Properly configuring your network and computers can reduce the level of inherent security vulnerabilities.
  2. Boundary firewalls and Internet gateways
    Implementing these tools can block attackers and other external threats from accessing your network.
  3. Access control and administrative privilege management
    Restricting access to the most valuable resources reduces the risk of data breaches and insider threat.
  4. Patch management
    Keeping your software up to date protects your business from many known vulnerabilities.
  5. Malware protection
    Installing malware detectors limits the paths by which cyber criminals can gain access to your network and information.

Do it yourself

Whatever your organisation’s cyber security budget or level of technical expertise, implementing the scheme’s five controls is well within your reach.

IT Governance’s Cyber Essentials Do It Yourself packaged solution has been designed for you to take control of your cyber security project supported by our certification service. For as little as £300, you will have your company network and applications scanned for common vulnerabilities.

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