Cyber Security – An Issue Of National Importance

With Cybercrime now costing $100 billion more than the global black market of marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined, cyber security is now an issue of national importance!

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Improving cyber security for the American people, the Nation’s critical infrastructure, and the Federal Government’s own networks and computers is the US Governments’ focus.

Your focus needs to be on protecting your organization from cyber attack!

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Effective Cyber Security

For an organization to be able to deter cyber crime, it needs to undertake appropriate measures and adhere to them. Consider:

  • Self-defence is important; you must assess your position thoroughly and have the proper safeguards in place to protect your business information,
  • But you must also be able to fight back; the genuine threat of prosecution can be a very effective deterrent against embittered or corrupt employees, for example, who might otherwise see your company’s data as a “soft target”,
  • You need to invest wisely; expensive technology is not necessarily the right technology to protect your business information,
  • There are no fixed and fortified limits as to when and where your business data could be vulnerable,
  • You must be able to adapt or perish, because every threat you repel today will evolve into a new threat tomorrow.

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