Cyber Security: a Critical Business Risk

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Cyber Security – a Critical Business Risk
The UK’s National Security Strategy (published on 18 Oct 2010) identifies that, for the next five years, the four highest priority risks faced by the UK are those arising from:

  • International terrorism;
  • Cyber attack;
  • International military crises; and
  • Major accidents or natural hazards.

Cyber attack is the most pervasive of these four high priority risks.

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The Stakes are High!

The potential impact of ‘cyber risk’ to any individual business includes:

  • Financial loss from theft or fraud;
  • Loss of invaluable customer information or Intellectual Property;
  • Possible fines from legal and regulatory bodies (e.g. FSA, Information Commissioner) resulting from breach of data protection or confidentiality regulations;
  • Loss of reputation through ‘word of mouth’ and adverse press coverage; and, under a range of scenarios,
  • Organisational survival itself.

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