Cyber Resilience, what is it?

As hackers learn new techniques and discover more vulnerabilities, organisations are mirroring their development and are discovering new methods of defence and recovery.

The latest in these developments is cyber resilience: “the ability to repel cyber attacks while protecting critical business assets, rapidly adapting and responding to business disruptions and maintain continuous business operations”.

Cyber Resilience vs Cyber Security

Becoming cyber secure is a great start, but it’s not always going to be enough. The sophistication of hackers and their attacks means that it’s no longer a case of if you’re going to get hacked but a case of when. This is where cyber resilience trumps cyber security; it gives your organisation the ability to effectively respond to the inevitable cyber attack, increasing your chance of survival.

How can I learn more?

IT Governance is providing free resources for those who are looking to learn more about cyber resilience. These free resources are:

Cyber Resilience: the new normal – Webinar with Alan Calder

Join Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, as he talks about cyber resilience and how no business can survive the 21st century without it.

Cyber Resilience Green Paper

Like our other green papers, this one will explain in further detail; what cyber resilience is, how it can help your organisation and how you can start building it.