Cyber resilience: How far are you from the summit?

Committing to cyber resilience is a lot like mountaineering. When you’re getting started, the concept seems exhausting and nigh on impossible. You’re scrambling around trying your best to get staff to move away from simple passwords like ‘123456’, yet you’re seeing organisations that have conducted sophisticated, multi-level programmes that combine data breach prevention and response.

But as with anyone learning a new skill, you have to start at the bottom, and once you develop the right knowledge and skills, things get a lot easier.

The benefit for those adopting cyber resilience is that there’s a well-worn path to success – you can quickly learn from others and plot a route to resilience. That’s not to say that the journey will be easy, though. It will take a lot of planning, and unexpected problems may occur.

However, the experience you gain from each climb will help you anticipate and avoid obstacles as you navigate your way towards the summit.

We can lead the way

As a global pioneer of ISO 27001, IT Governance can help guide you towards cyber resilience. Our experts will give you the advice you need to kickstart your cyber resilience project and direct you towards the tools and services that can speed up the process.

You can begin by taking our self-assessment to work out your cyber resilience readiness. It’s free and can be completed in less than five minutes. There’s no obligation to commit once you get the results.

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