Cyber resilience for Scotland: Holyrood’s flagship public sector ICT event

With the Cyber Resilience Strategy for the Scottish public sector well and truly underway, organisations within scope need to take a different approach to the way they treat cyber threats.

The Public Sector Action Plan, published by the Scottish Government in November 2017, outlines a “baseline of good cyber resilience practice” that all public sector organisations must comply with by the October 2018 deadline.

IT Governance to attend leading Scottish public sector ICT event

IT Governance will be attending the 7th Annual Holyrood Connect Public Sector ICT conference on Wednesday, 27 June. The event brings together professionals from across the UK to gain insights into digital transformation and integration across the public sector. It is also an opportunity to network with peers, specifically within the ICT arena. Speakers include industry experts and leaders from across the public sector.

The event will cover:

  • Current cyber security challenges and
  • Future opportunities for digital development, including keeping up with digitisation within the public sector; and
  • Utilising technology, data and other digital strategies to improve outcomes and to enable innovation, service improvement and better citizen/consumer engagement.

How can IT Governance help you?

As a leading global provider of IT GRC solutions, with a special focus on cyber security, ISO 27001 implementation, GDPR and data protection, IT Governance is well-positioned to help the sector tackle cyber resilience.  Visit the

Download our free green paper, Scottish Public Sector Action Plan 2017-18: Summary and compliance guidance, to learn the key actions that the Scottish government, public bodies and key partners must take; the deadlines for public bodies; your compliance obligations and The Scottish Public Sector Cyber Resilience Framework.

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